Reply To: What are the basic signs of having depression?

Saudia Turney

    Look at a few signs of having mental health disorders.

    1. Any kind of abuse
    One of the largest prominent reasons for mental disorders is abuse. This can be any kind of abuse including sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional.

    2. Inheritance from family
    50% of Mental health problems are often seen as belonging to the world of psychology, but recent research has shown that 50% of genetics plays a significant role in many mental health disorders.

    3. The Loss Of A Loved One
    The death or separation of a precious one is one of the toughest experiences a person can pass through. It’s normal to suffer sadness, grief, sorrow, anger, and irritation when somebody close to you dies or leaves you alone.

    4. Trauma

    All kinds of traumatic circumstances can lead to a mental disorder including accidents, war, natural catastrophes, sexual assault or rape, physical attack, neglect, bullying, and having a past of abuse or vicious life events.

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