Mahalakshmi Rajagopal

Mahalakshmi Rajagopal

Mahalakshmi Rajagopal

Position: Counselling Psychologist

Categories: Guidance and Counselling

Language: English, Hindi, Tamil

Location: Hyderabad

Phone: +91-8076299405

Mahalakshmi Rajagopal Profile

A Holistic Wellness Professional with over 30+ of experience working in the space of mental health and wellness of children, adolescents and adults using an integrated approach of conventional psychological therapies and traditional complementary healing systems through individual practice , coaching , training and various programmes in schools, colleges and workspace. She integrate complementary healing systems with conventional psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to empower the client’s mental health to a state of wellness. I have conducted workshops on holistic wellness, mental health, counseling for educational institutions, colleges, for students, young professionals and corporate. She Won the best paper award for “Marital Adjustment between Working and Nonworking Women” in Indian Association OF Clinical Psychologists. Mahalakshmi authored a book, I am My Own Sunshine based on mental health published in March 2013 ;ISBN 978-93-82792-18-5. She has expertise in Mental Health, relationship, marriage, couple, career, self improvement and child counseling.

Mahalakshmi Rajagopal Skills

  • Anxiety, Stress & Depression
  • Child Counseling
  • life coaching
  • Relationship, Family & Marriage Issues
  • Career Counselling
  • Anger Management
  • Training + Education

  • Masters in Psychology from Madras University
  • Masters in Social Work, specialized in Medical and Psychiatry from Madras University.
  • Bachelors in Psychology from Madras University
  • EFT Practitioner- certified by AAMET , Association for Advancement of Meridian Techniques
  • Foundations of Positive Psychology, A five Course Specialisation, University of Pennsylvania .
  • Experience

  • Founder Director Sahayam Intervention Centre(registered).
  • Counselor at National Law University ,New Delhi in 2018
  • Senior Psychologist, Litchi Knowledge Centre, 2013.
  • Project implementation Officer, ICPS Project, Ministry of Women and Child Development, New Delhi, 2011
  • Project Associate at National institute of Child Development and Public Cooperation, New Delhi,2010.
  • Certified POSH Trainer
  • Certified Social Auditor SAN India; SAN UK.
  • Skills

    Relationship, Family & Marriage Issues, Anxiety, Stress & Depression, Child Counseling, life coaching, Career Counselling, Anger Management


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
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     22 reviews
     by bharat suri

    My boyfriend and I had issues that were affecting our relationship badly and making our bond weaker and toxic. We were about to get married but that time I was seeing something worse coming to us and I didn’t want to let that happen because it would end our relationship. The best I could thought was online counselling and started my relationship healing journey with my boyfriend and we were helped by Mrs. Mahalakshmi mam, a psychologist. She truly supported us and assisted me to sort out our issues. She also gave us tips to deal with such issues that may bother us in the future. The counselling journey with her has been amazing and we both have got so much to learn about taking care of our relationship.
    I thank her a lot.

     by manish jain

    I wholeheartedly thank Mahalakshmi mam for helping me at my worst when I was fighting with anxiety issues. She has been the light in my darkest day who I can never forget. I wish the best for her as well as highly recommend her.
    Thank you

     by rupa tiwari

    I am so grateful to Mahalakshmi mam because she saved my marriage and showed my husband and me the right way to deal with marital issues together. I have had all my sessions over the video call and they worked effectively. Online counselling saves your time and gives the best results. For any marital issues or marriage counselling, Mahalakshmi mam is the best counsellor who I feel proud to recommend.

     by daya kumari

    Anxiety ruins you and everything around you so treatment is always better than anything and I’d also like to give a piece of advice that must be at the top of your list of self-care. Anything that bothers your mental health is a red flag and it should be taken seriously. It’s a need of the hour that you must talk to a psychologist. I’d like to mention the name of a great online psychologist, Mrs. Mahalakshmi and I strongly believe she will greatly help her clients.
    Best wishes

     by Namrita Thappad

    I was in a deep depression but I am glad that I am now out of it. Because of my insecurities the process was delayed but Mahalakshmi mam still got my back. She never let me feel low or upset over my past trauma. I used to feel so comfortable with her during my online counselling sessions.

     by himanshu rana

    Depression is dangerous and anything that hurts your mental health is dangerous for your survival. So every individual needs to be careful towards their mental health and they must seek professional’s help at seeing one red flag. I recommend the best psychologist for online counselling named Mahalakshmi Rajagopal who also helped me by taking me out of my depression for which I’ll always be thankful to her.

     by Anita

    Just few words regarding our sessions with Mahalaxmi ji.

    For me she has turned out to be a great therapist. There is a great amount of healing done through her counseling sessions which in turn doesn’t stop me praising her. I am absolutely loving and benefiting from it.

    Thank you very much Manochikitsa team for your help and support. 🙏🙏

     by sadika Chaudhary

    Mahalakshmi mam really helped me when I was out of my mind and couldn’t decide what I should do after graduation in order to make my career. I had been given so many options by my parents and I also had my choices but I was stuck and didn’t know which one would be better for me so I wanted counselling. I was also stressed and wanted no more confusing statements. I wanted a clean and clear direction and online counselling seemed the best way for getting out of multiple ways and choosing one direction for my career. I talked to Mahalakshmi mam via video call sessions and told her what I was going through. She did her job perfectly and for any career advice you must connect with her because she is the best at it.

     by prabodh sharma

    Having anger issues is another issue in your life that is all alone capable of destroying your mental peace as well as others’. My anger was not only my issue but it became a serious issue for my family as well because my anger issues were affecting everything and everyone. I ended up enrolling myself in a counselling process where I was working on my anger issues under the assistance of a psychologist named Mahalakshmi Rajagopal. I learnt tools and strategies to manage my anger and it worked. My anger issues have reduced and I am still on it and feel the changes that take place in me after my online counselling sessions. All thanks to one and only Mrs. Mahalakshmi mam. I highly recommend her.
    Best wishes to all

     by kriti daman

    Depression is all for taking my breath away because I know it kills from inside. I have experienced the worst and I know the pain so it’s a piece of advice to everyone that depression isn’t a thing to be ignored but it needs to be treated in time before it takes your life. I once felt like committing suicide to bring all my sufferings to end but stopped for my family. Now I think of myself stupid person who once was going to die for stupid reasons and I laugh at it. I got over everything I faced in the past and moved on. I realized I was wrong and I am now happy because I am in the right direction. This has become possible because of Mahalakshmi mam. The day I connected with her via online counselling sessions was the day when I started moving towards my happiness. I deeply thank her for everything she has done for me.

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